Holistic Interiors

"Cherish your visions and your dreams, as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements."
— N Hill

Your home — it is your sanctuary, a reflection of yourself - and like you, it must occasionally adapt to accommodate changing lifestyles, tastes, and values.

Holistic Interiors is able to transform your cherished visions into achievements. Our focus is on creating beautiful, functional, healthy, and stress-free environments for living, for working, and for selling your home in the Lower Mainland. A holistic approach relates to whole/complete systems, and views the individual and their environment as systems that are capable of interacting harmoniously.

Environmental responsibility is always front of mind, and care is given at every opportunity to provide safe, sustainable, and eco-friendly solutions and products – caring for our planet is important. Equally important is the quality of workmanship and materials used for each project.

Whatever your unique home or office project, Holistic Interiors will manage the process from start to finish, saving you valuable time, and ensuring that all work adheres to the Decorator’s exacting standards. Within the Holistic Interiors network are trusted trades people, suppliers, and artisans, who contribute their expertise as required. For further details on services, visit specialties; or, contact the owner, Neila Morrison, directly to arrange for a consultation, or to hear answers to your questions.

We are here to travel with you and ensure that you arrive at the destination of your dreams!


We interact daily with many environments – home, office, community, and global. Holistic Interiors’ vision is to create user-friendly spaces that nourish body, mind, and spirit, and which have the least possible negative impact on our community and global environments.


ensure that environments function in harmony with people’s lifestyle and purpose, and that they are designed to empower individuals with physical limitations


create stress-free and organized environments where people are productive and have limited distractions


design beautiful, warm, and welcoming spaces to relax and enjoy, that energize people and revive their spirit


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