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A Few Expressions From Happy Clients

"I had recently bought a new home and I wanted to convert some of the basement into a professional office space. Neila has since transformed the three basement bedrooms into offices. She worked within my budget and converted closets into shelving for office supplies and books, found masculine paint colours that suited me, and helped with the purchase and configuration of furniture. The main floor of the house was next. Neila provided floor and lighting plans, wall elevations, and assistance choosing paint colours and window coverings. Her expertise and flexibility have been immensely helpful.

Whatever your decorating needs may be, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Neila. She has been a real pleasure to work with, and I am very happy with my office space and all the improvements she has implemented in the rest of my home."
TS / Kelowna

"We planned to sell our home and hired Neila to help us with downsizing, organizing, packing, and staging. Neila was wonderful to work with and provided us with a recommendation report to prepare our home for sale. We were overwhelmed at first, but we worked together with her to complete the items on her report and our home was totally transformed in time for our open house. An added bonus was that a majority of the packing was already done, saving us valuable time on our moving day. We can highly recommend Neila if you need assistance preparing your home for sale - we found it to be well worth the time and effort spent!"
HH & JH / Kelowna

"A colleague of mine knew about my room dilemma and she recommended me to Neila. I had limited space in my home and it was necessary to combine my child's bedroom, his desk and play area, and office space for myself. - all in one large room.

Neila first came and viewed my room and mess. My son did not want to give up his bedroom space. Neila came back with a nice floor plan she had designed. Just like a T.V. show I watch at times, Neila then helped me declutter - we had piles for keep, donate, and give away. This alone was a huge blessing.

We then started to set things up. Neila came up with so many great suggestions as we went along. The results were impressive. In the end my son had a nice play area and bedroom section, with a desk area set up for his homework and hobbies. For the first time I had a nice organized and functional work area. The best part is she did this within my budget by using all my own things. Neila also recommended I add room dividers and I have since done so, giving my son some extra privacy.

Sometimes when we live in our own mess it takes an outsider with a huge vision and imagination to help us get organized and see things differently. Thank you, Neila, my son and I are very happy with the transformation in our room. I will have you back soon!"
CF / Kelowna

"Dear Neila:
We were absolutely amazed and thrilled by the work done in our home. The transformation was wonderful and we loved it. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend your services to anyone. You were so very nice and it was a pleasure having you in our home. I will definitely call on you again for future work. Thanks again for a fabulous job."
BW / Winfield

"It was a real treat to have Neila in our home for the redesign!

The care to detail was impressive - from placement of books by title, size and angles on the bookshelves, to colour combinations and accents of paintings, pottery and ornaments.

It was evident that the detailed interview with us prior to the actual redesign was essential. She really HEARD our responses, requests and needs. She respected our limits yet the results were beyond our expectations of small spaces holding numerous collections of art, books, dishes and other favourite things.

We were very impressed with the open, flexible and creative eyes that worked to greatly improve the flow and function of the rooms in our home.

Many thanks for bringing to light what we already have and can now enjoy even more!"
AH / Kelowna

"Hi Neila:
You did an amazing job with the staging, thank you so much for all your hard work."
S & A / Kelowna

"The staging home had been on the market for a year and no offers, but there was traffic. Well, the house was totally transformed. Their existing furnishings were used but the home was totally rearranged so that the buyer was made aware of the spaciousness and the elegance of the home. A lot of personal items were removed and function was put back into all of the rooms. The best news yet is the house SOLD in just 3 days after it was staged! The client is delighted and needless to say, so am I. Thank you, Neila!"
K. / Kelowna Realtor

"Neila has been helping me with different organizing projects over the past three years. Now, everywhere I look in my home I can see evidence of her special expertise. She has helped me with my walk-in pantry, my garage, my closets and cupboards, my library, and my home office. The special systems she put in place have made it so much easier to keep my home in order.

This past spring Neila also redesigned my rumpus room and guest room. The transformation was quite amazing. The rumpus room is now decluttered, warm, and welcoming, and all my special things are being utilized. She did all of the decorating with things that I already own. The changes have made entertaining and accommodating guests so enjoyable!

I will certainly call on Neila again, and can highly recommend her for any organizing or redesign project. Thank you, Neila, for all the positive changes you have made in my home and office! I am free now to pursue my passion of helping others in the community."
EH / Vernon

"I live in a townhome and found the space to be limited and I was thinking of selling and moving. The consultation determined what I was looking for and to get a feel for my home and how I lived, and wanted to live, in my space.

When I returned home after being away for the day while the work was being done, I was amazed that my home had been totally transformed just by moving my furniture and art work. There is now a space for my grandson to sleep without being crowded into the guest bedroom with his parents. I have a formal dining room instead of a kitchen eating area and I have a family room next to the kitchen.

All this was accomplished without sacrificing any of my previous living space. I love what was done and I know I will enjoy living in my home with the changes that have been made. I no longer feel that the space in my townhome is limited. In fact, the space is now so well designed that I feel there is more space than there was before. I am no longer thinking of selling.

Thank you, Neila. You did an incredible job and I am so grateful for your talents and expertise."
SW / Kelowna


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