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Interior Decorating –
For Your Home or Office

"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."
— William Morris

Your home or office may no longer be meeting your needs – whether those needs are functional, emotional, or visual. As we grow and change, we also need to adapt our living and working environments to our changing lifestyles, tastes, and values.

It may be that you have a particular vision for your home or office, or you may just know that your present situation is not ideal and requires change. Whatever your situation, Holistic Interiors will work with you to realize your vision based on your personality, your lifestyle, your budget, and your individual tastes.

To optimize healthy positives in your environment, Holistic Interiors can assist you with choices that incorporate natural fibers, low VOC products, and stress-free designs. When your home or office functions in harmony with your activities and physical requirements, you will have more energy and be more productive. When you have a space to retreat to that is comforting and beautiful, you will be able to relax, and tensions will be reduced.

All Holistic Interiors’ projects must meet with Neila’s exacting standards and she pays particular attention to the smallest of details to make certain that the final outcome is problem-free and able to stand the test of years. Holistic Interiors’ network of trades professionals are trusted experts in their fields. For individuals who are on a limited budget and don’t wish to make new purchases, consider Interior ReDesign – these makeovers can often be accomplished in one day using only your present belongings.

To support your Interior Decorating needs, Holistic Interiors offers the following services:

  • Assistance determining your particular style – modern, traditional, country, eclectic…
  • Colour consultations – for paint, fabrics, draperies, upholstery, flooring...
  • Home office setup
  • Furniture selection & placement
  • Lighting plans & selection
  • Art, electronics, & accessory selection and placement
  • Selection of flooring, window coverings, counter-tops, fixtures, or appliances
  • Liaison with contractors & suppliers
  • Shopping – in the Lower Mainland or the Okanagan Valley
  • Shipping arrangements
  • Floor plans
  • Space & traffic flow planning
  • Site/Project management

Contact Holistic Interiors today to set up your consultation –

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Interior Decorating —
Online Consulting Service

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"
— Leonardo da Vinci

Homeowners - Online Consulting

Holistic Interiors’ Online Interior Decorating Consulting Service is here to help those who prefer to do their decorating themselves, but who may need help with some particular dilemmas. Others may live in remote areas where access to an Interior Decorator is not always possible.

The Online Consulting Process

  • You send us an email requesting the Online Consulting service, with a brief description of your needs (see Contact page)
  • Holistic Interiors will email you a questionnaire to fill out and return to us. A list of Holistic Interiors’ requirements will also be emailed to you – for instance, digital pictures are required, but they must be sent in a particular format.
  • Once these items are returned to Holistic Interiors, your needs are assessed and you will be notified within 2-7 business days of fees to be charged. The fee is based on our hourly rate (Cdn) plus applicable taxes.
  • Payment is required in advance and can be made by credit card to PayPal (see the left corner of the desktop below for PayPal button).
  • Once payment is received, Holistic Interiors will commence work on your project, and you will receive your Action Plan within 7-10 business days. Depending upon your requirements, your Action Plan may include:
    • A floor plan of your room with furniture placement / elevations if required
    • Suggestions, if required, regarding art, accessories, paint colours, fixtures, furnishings, flooring, lighting, window coverings, etc.
    • Photos, when available, of items that the Decorator may have suggested for purchase
    • Notes from the Decorator explaining any details she would like to pass on to you
    • A follow-up phone call is also included in your package

The Decorator will consider answering simple interior decorating questions free of charge, as time permits (via email only / limited to two questions per household).

Realtors - Online ReDesign Staging

An assessment of a home is most effectively done on-site – there are things that photographs will not portray clearly or may miss entirely (e.g. odours, mould, water damage) – it is often the questionable little things that will make or break a sale. For this reason, Holistic Interiors would prefer to visit homes in person in order to formulate thorough action plans or recommendation reports. We want to ensure that your clients attain the best possible positioning for their real estate.

There are some instances, however, where on-site evaluations are not possible, such as in remote areas. In these cases, Holistic Interiors can provide online consulting and recommendation reports - including floor plans, elevations, and suggestions regarding decluttering, depersonalizing, art, accessories, paint colours, furnishings, lighting, etc. The process is similar to the process outlined above for homeowners, but considering sales deadlines you may have to meet, we will provide action plans within limited time frames. Holistic Interiors has flat rates for Online ReDesign Staging – Contact us and a fee schedule can be delivered to you upon request.

Design Adaptations for Individuals
with Physical Limitations

“It isn't the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out. It's the pebble in your shoe.”
— Muhammad Ali, Legendary American Boxer

You or a loved one may have recently made the decision to age in place, or the present design of your home may be unfriendly for individuals with physical limitations. Whatever your physical challenge may be, your home can be redesigned to make your life easier. Sometimes just a few simple adaptations can make a world of difference, and eliminate that annoying ‘pebble in your shoe’!

If you are dealing with an illness, reduced mobility, or visual or audio impairment, you need to be able to function in your home in a safe and unimpeded way. With all of the challenges you are already facing, you may not want to tackle the ReDesign of your home. Recognizing a need in the community, and wanting to empower people to live their best lives possible, Neila has recently added a home modification service for individuals with physical limitations.

Your home can incorporate the design changes that are needed without sacrificing its present beauty. It can be comfortable and safe and allow you to perform your daily activities without forfeiting your independence. Neila will work with you to learn about your particular Interior Design challenges and find solutions to solve or eliminate them.

Holistic Interiors can help if you are encountering difficulties with any of the following:

  • Entranceways
  • Outside entrance stairs or stairs within the home
  • Using the bathtub or shower, or using faucets
  • Using the telephone
  • Preparing meals
  • Doing laundry
  • Using kitchen appliances
  • Opening, closing, or locking windows or doors
  • Reaching items in closets or cabinets
  • Countertop height
  • Depth perception
  • Hearing problems
  • Poor visibility
  • Falling hazards
  • Allergies

Some possible modifications:

  • Wheelchair ramps
  • Lighted entranceways, doorbell, and buzzer
  • Lower countertop heights
  • Grab bars, handrails
  • Converting doorknobs to levers
  • Automatic door openers
  • Carpet removal, flooring adaptations
  • Widening of doorways
  • Installation of crank-operated windows
  • Single-lever faucets
  • Toilet height changes
  • Built-in or portable shower seats
  • Cabinet hardware changes
  • Converting cupboards to drawers
  • Closet or drawer organizers
  • Adjustable height rods
  • Motion sensitive lighting
  • Contrasting colours

Holistic Interiors can help you with the planning and implementation of ReDesign solutions which will empower you to live in your home safely, comfortably, and independently. Contact us today to arrange for your initial consultation.

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Seniors in Transition

Moving is a difficult process no matter what our age, but seniors may face particular difficulties. When a move is planned later in life, it is often a very emotional decision. People must part with a home and life-long possessions that hold great sentimental values. When we add possible health problems to the situation, this makes for a very overwhelming undertaking. Some seniors are alone and children or family members may live elsewhere – in this instance Holistic Interiors can take care of the entire moving process. For individuals who do have some help, Holistic Interiors can fill in with services as required.

Holistic Interiors has experience with moving seniors and understands that special care and compassion is required to assist in transitioning to the new residence. Neila also understands that budgets may be limited and will work with individuals to make the process affordable. We will start the process with a comprehensive action plan in order to alleviate some of the stress of the move. When we know what is going to take place it is easier to move forward, and we can rest assured that all concerns are accounted for.

Not every senior is faced with health concerns, but for those who are, Holistic Interiors will make sure that all important papers, medications, and medical equipment are kept aside during the moving process. Pre and post-moving services may be limited to 3-4 hours per day to keep stress to a minimum. The utmost care will be taken with your possessions, and all information is held in the strictest of confidence. The Owner is licensed, bondable, and insured.

The Transition Process – Available Services

  • A consultation is arranged where Neila will assess your needs and take notes and photos in order to develop a plan of action. Neila is available to consult with family members if there are any concerns or questions.
  • Neila will work with you to determine all of the tasks at hand and together you will develop an action plan.
  • Arrangements can be made for disconnection or transfer of utility services, and notifications regarding address changes.
  • Neila will visit the new home with you and take measurements of the rooms to help you determine what furnishings will move with you.
  • Floor plans of the new home with furniture placement are created to make moving day a smooth process.
  • Packing materials may be provided – boxes, tape, packing paper, felt markers, labels.
  • Neila will work with you to determine what items will be brought to the new residence, or given away, sold, donated, stored, or discarded.
  • Assistance is provided with shipping items to family members if necessary, and disbursement of all items not going to the new residence.
  • Categorizing and Packing assistance is provided.
  • Arrangements are made to hire a professional moving company.
  • If shopping for new items is required, this can also be arranged.
  • On moving day, you can choose to visit a friend or do something relaxing while Neila takes care of the move.
  • Movers will place furniture according to the floor plans & place boxes in the appropriate rooms.
  • Unpacking and setting up of the new residence, including hanging art, making beds, connecting electronics, and transferring fridge and freezer food.
  • If the old home is for sale, Neila can provide staging or open house preparation, and liaise with the Realtor on your behalf.

At times all of the above services will be required, and at times only a select few are necessary – Neila will work with you to customize a plan that meets your individual needs.

Contact us today to arrange for your initial consultation.

Happy clients of Holistic Interiors receive ‘referral rewards’! Please let us know if family or friends have used our services on your recommendation.

Interior ReDesign -
for Living and Working

What is Interior ReDesign?

Interior ReDesign is an affordable alternative to traditional Interior Decorating. Your existing furnishings and belongings are brought together in a unique way that will infuse your home or office with inspiration, and enliven tired and boring spaces. As a Certified ReDesign Specialist, Neila has received special training in this interior design trend recently made popular by HGTV. In today’s world where we strive to reuse as much as possible, and funds for the traditional form of decorating are often limited, ReDesign is an economical and sustainable way to achieve a fresh new look in your home or office.

Benefits of Interior ReDesign

  • Your existing furnishings, accessories, and art are utilized in ways that bring balance and harmony to your room. Often old forgotten treasures find new life when they are repurposed or highlighted in an unusual way.
  • ReDesign involves using items that you already own, so it is a very cost-effective way to achieve a new look without making any purchases.
  • A ReDesign can be accomplished in a very short time – often up to 3 rooms can be made over in one day.
  • You will have the advantage of an Interior Decorator’s trained eye throughout the ReDesign process, with furniture and accessory/art pairings, space planning, and colour coordination.
  • ReDesign can be a great preliminary step to traditional Interior Decorating. When your present furnishings are displayed in their best light after a ReDesign, it is much easier to determine what you really need to purchase to give your room that special look and feel. In this way, costly purchasing mistakes are often avoided.

The ReDesign Process

  • A Consultation is arranged in order to get to know you, and to assess the room/s that you would like to have ReDesigned.
  • The assessment will include a walk-through of your home or office, discussion regarding what you like and dislike about the rooms, and your budget. Photos are taken of the rooms to be ReDesigned in order to assist in the planning process.
  • On ReDesign day, you will spend it doing something relaxing away from home, while our team delivers our makeover magic. At the end of the day, you return and your beautiful new room is revealed!
  • If it is an office we will be ReDesigning, it is preferred that you leave the office while we work, but if this isn’t an option, we will work around you in the least disruptive way possible.

Our Guarantee

All ReDesigns are guaranteedit hasn’t happened yet, but if you are not happy, for any reason, we will return and make the necessary changes.

The Owner is licensed, bondable, and insured, and all assistants are carefully screened before hiring. The utmost care is taken when handling your precious things, your privacy is respected, and your home will remain secure.

Rediscover your home or office with ReDesign! Contact us today to arrange for your initial consultation.

Happy clients of Holistic Interiors receive ‘referral rewards’! Please let us know if family or friends have used our services on your recommendation.

ReDesign Staging -
for Selling Real Estate

What is ReDesign Staging?

ReDesign Staging is the process whereby your occupied home is prepared for your open house prior to placing it on the market. When you decide to sell your home, you must also make the decision to turn it into a marketable commodity. After ReDesign Staging, it may no longer appeal to you as your home, but it will appeal to buyers as a desirable space that they can visualize becoming their home. It must be positioned to appeal to a broad spectrum of potential buyers, and achieving this requires the trained eye of a Certified ReDesign Stager.

Neila Morrison has received her certification as a ReDesign and Staging specialist from the Canadian ReDesigners Association. Her specialty is the Staging of occupied homes and offices. She combines her Interior Decorating expertise, Staging techniques, and an objective point of view, to maximize your home’s selling potential.

The Benefits of ReDesign Staging

  • When your occupied home is ReDesign Staged prior to your open house, it will be presented in the best possible light for potential buyers - it is then more apt to appeal to them on an emotional level, thus triggering high interest.
  • Staged homes have a proven record of selling faster than unstaged homes. Sellers are able to transition to their new home more quickly, thus eliminating the stress of possibly paying two mortgages.
  • Staged homes consistently sell for a higher asking price. Receiving a higher price for your home often pays for the staging process and may even provide residual funds for upgrading or decorating your new home.
  • A home that is staged prior to your open house may eliminate the hassle of negotiating with buyers to do cleanup or repairs. The alternative can be accepting lower offers to compensate the buyer for a home in ill repair.
  • Working with a ReDesign Stager can be a very liberating and rewarding experience, and you may find that it strongly impacts the way that you plan the space in your new home. In fact, Holistic Interiors can do the space planning and setup of your new home for you, saving you time and stress on moving day!

The ReDesign Staging Process

  • Initially, the Stager will do a walk-through of your home, take notes and pictures, and consult with you regarding the staging process, your expectations, your budget, and the time frame available before your open house.
  • After the consultation, the Stager will review the information and formulate a plan to stage your home. Upon approval, the Stager will then manage the staging process to completion, to ensure that it results in optimum buyer appeal.
  • Holistic Interiors will work with you to get the best possible results while staying within your budget and time constraints. It is entirely up to you, whether you engage Holistic Interiors to complete the whole ReDesign Staging process, do part of the process yourself with the Stager’s assistance, or complete the entire process yourself.
  • If you are a ‘do-it-yourselfer’ and plan to do the staging yourself, the Stager can create a recommendation report, which is a compilation of directions for you to follow, based on her observations.
  • The day of your Open House, the Stager may visit your home to ensure that it will be showing at its best, and that special touches are added to give your home that extra advantage – sometimes it’s the little things that can make or break a sale.
  • If you require photographs of your home after staging, this can also be arranged.
  • If you are using a Realtor, often they will recommend the services of a Stager - in fact, some Realtors even provide Staging as part of the overall service they offer their clients.

The following is a list of possible actions in the staging process, although not every home will require all of these measures.

  • Decluttering
  • Cleaning
  • De-personalizing
  • Downsizing
  • Repurposing rooms
  • Painting
  • Repositioning furnishings
  • Upgrading or repairing damaged or outdated areas
  • Sprucing up exteriors and landscaping
  • Providing rental furnishings, art, or accessories
  • Updating or adding lighting, window coverings, or flooring
  • Accenting positive architectural features
  • De-emphasizing flaws or limitations

Ecofriendly products and practices will be recommended whenever possible. Not only is the manufacture of natural products such as wool, cotton, and wood easier on the environment, but they are much healthier for use in the home. Recycling of old items is also strongly encouraged.

Getting Started

Making the intelligent choice to have your home or office Staged before you list it is a great first step. Next, Contact us today to arrange for your initial consultation.

Happy clients of Holistic Interiors receive ‘referral rewards’! Please let us know if family or friends have used our services on your recommendation.


You will already be aware of the benefits ReDesign Staging will bring to you and your clients – statistics consistently document that staged homes appeal to a broader market, and bring faster sales with higher listing prices. Higher sale prices build your credibility and commissions, and a Stager acts as an objective third party to tell your clients what needs to be changed in their homes. Faster sales also increase client satisfaction and bring referrals.

Holistic Interiors will be happy to deliver a Staging Package for your review, and discuss the different financial options available to you. We will work with you to make certain this invaluable service is made available to your clients.

Holistic Interiors will provide on-site ReDesign Staging for clients in the Lower Mainland & the Okanagan Valley. If you are selling real estate outside of these areas, ask about our Online ReDesign Staging – this innovative new service will aid clients in distant or remote areas with a recommendation report and floor planning.

Before and After Photos

Although there are no ‘before and after’ photographs on this website, you will find project photos on the Holistic Interiors Blog – www.holisticinteriorsweblog.wordpress.com

The Decorator made this decision based on the desire to provide a story to accompany project photos. This will enable the viewer to learn more about the problems addressed on selected projects, and what transpired between the pictures to bring about the final results.

Professional Organizing - for the Home

“It is the job that is never started that takes longest to finish.”
— J.R.R. Tolkien

The Professional Organizer

The role of the Professional Organizer (PO) is to return harmony to your life and home through organization. A PO’s role is not to judge, or make assumptions as to why you are disorganized, but instead finds it very rewarding to help people achieve harmony and balance in today’s hectic world. Neila is a longstanding member of the Professional Organizers in Canada (POC), and as such has received specialized training for organizing the home and office. As a member of the POC, she is bound by a strong Code of Ethics and all information is held in the strictest of confidence. She is respectful of all your belongings right down to the smallest piece of paper, and will take great care while handling them – nothing is ever discarded without prior agreement from the client. She is licensed, bondable, and insured.

A Popular Misconception

It is often assumed that everyone arrives at adulthood with the ability to be organized within their home, play, and work environments. There are some who have that innate ability, just as there are people who are born with the ability to be musically or mechanically inclined, but most often it is a skill learned during childhood. In more recent generations, less time is being spent in our homes and on learning domestic skills. It should not be expected that organizing a home or office is an easy or even possible ability for everyone, any more than sewing or playing the piano would be. Organizing is an acquired skill that can be taught to those willing and able to devote the time. For those who are not inclined, a Professional Organizer can help you restore and maintain balance in your home or office.

Some Reasons for Becoming Disorganized

Most often disorganization occurs because there are no systems in place in the home or office, and as a result the situation gets out of control. A Professional Organizer has special training in implementing systems that will help to get the situation under control, and to make the home or office easier to maintain in an organized state. Following are some of the many reasons why a person has come to be disorganized.

  • Lack of proper systems in place
  • Lack of suitable storage
  • No time to devote to Organizing
  • Combining of households / addition of a new family member
  • Tragedy, trauma, or death of a loved one
  • Illness or depression
  • Over-purchasing of goods
  • Long-term renovations
  • Inability to part with material possessions / Hoarding
  • Limitless collections (e.g. dolls, bottles, vintage items)

Some Possible Hazards Due to Disorganization

  • Unclean areas due to an accumulation of dust & dirt around the clutter
  • Obstructed walkways or exit areas
  • Possibility of items falling from overstocked shelving or cupboards
  • Unsafe objects or products left within children’s reach
  • Unsanitary kitchen or bathroom surfaces, due to clutter on counters
  • Time wasted due to inability to find items quickly
  • Double buying of products when items can’t be found
  • Stress caused by visual clutter or concern over the unsafe state of the home
  • Relationship problems due to lack of order in the home
  • Isolation from family & friends due to embarrassment over the state of the home
  • Children modeling a lack of respect for their belongings and environment, or developing an inability to part with unused or outgrown belongings

Benefits of an Organized Home

  • A stress-free environment free of visual clutter is a joy to come home to and live in
  • You will be more inclined to share an organized home with family and friends
  • Time is saved when you are able to quickly find whatever you are looking for
  • You can easily take stock of household inventory when determining shopping needs, thus double-buying is avoided
  • Cleaning is easier and more thorough when belongings are put in their place
  • The home is safer when there is proper storage for medication and cleaning products, and objects are not blocking walkways or exits
  • When there is less clutter and things are easier to find, it is easier to work, and people can be more productive
  • In an organized kitchen with clear surfaces for meal preparation, people tend to make healthier choices when preparing meals

The Organizing Process

  • A consultation is arranged to assess the individual’s needs. At this time a walk-through of the home is done and photos may be taken to help the organizer develop a planning strategy. The organizer will discuss the homeowner’s needs and the process necessary to arrive at their desired outcome. Depending upon the scope of the project, the organizer may start in immediately, or the project may require planning, and an appointment will be made for a later date.
  • It is preferable that the homeowner schedule uninterrupted time to work with the Organizer on appointment day, as this greatly speeds up the process. Much more can be accomplished with the homeowner’s assistance identifying items and whether they will be kept for use, given away, recycled, stored, or discarded.
  • It is not always necessary to purchase new items for storage, but if there is no storage available this may be recommended.
  • The Organizer does not provide cleaning as part of the organizing service. The homeowner should be prepared to clean areas that are soiled after clutter is removed. The Organizer will not lift boxes or items weighing over 25 pounds. If moving such items is necessary, this should either be done in advance, or someone should be available when needed to lift these items.
  • Time required depends entirely on the scope of the project. Following the consultation, the Organizer will be able to give an estimate of the hours required to complete a project.

Service Options

Any space can be organized – your closets, your garage, your vehicle, your kitchen cupboards, your purse, your paperwork, your garden – the same principles apply to each space, but different techniques are often applied. Maintaining an organized home requires a regular commitment of an individual’s time and effort. For this reason, people’s needs will vary greatly.

  • For some individuals, a one-time organizing process to put systems in place will be all that is required or wanted. After this initial process is completed, these people will have the inclination and the time to devote to maintaining the home in an organized state.
  • For other individuals, regular visits from the Organizer are recommended to maintain the systems that are initially put in place. These people may not have the inclination or the time to devote to putting things away, or to purging unused or unnecessary belongings on a regular basis.

Getting Started

The first step to becoming organized is to form a vision of how you want your ideal home to look and feel. The next step is making the decision to get started. With the help of a Professional Organizer your vision will materialize sooner than you could imagine. Reclaim your home and start living the life you dream of living! Contact us today to arrange for your initial consultation. Visit the Holistic Interiors Blog for tips, photos, and stories.

Happy clients of Holistic Interiors receive ‘referral rewards’! Please let us know if family or friends have used our services on your recommendation.

Professional Organizing - for the
Small or Home Office

"If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?"
— John Wooden, basketball coach

The Professional Organizer

The role of the Professional Organizer (PO) is to return harmony to your life and office through organizational systems. A previous career in finance and office administration has given Neila the experience and ability to put organizing systems in place for the office. Neila is a longstanding member of the Professional Organizers in Canada (POC) who are bound by a strong Code of Ethics and all information is held in the strictest of confidence. She is respectful of your privacy and all of your belongings right down to the smallest piece of paper – nothing is ever discarded without prior agreement from the client. The Owner/Organizer is licensed, bondable, and insured.

Most Common Causes of a Disorganized Office

  • Lack of proper systems in place
  • Lack of suitable storage
  • No time to devote to Organizing
  • Growth, change, or expansion in a business, resulting in a larger workload and a need to revisit present systems
  • Staff who are not trained to maintain systems that are already in place, or unable to adapt existing systems to meet changing needs
  • Management not recognizing the importance of organizing to the overall function and success of a business

Benefits of an Organized Office

  • When there are organized systems in place, things are easier to find, it is easier to work, stress is reduced, and people are more productive
  • Clients who visit your office will form a more positive impression of you and your business practices
  • With an effective filing system in place, you will save time when retrieving or filing paperwork
  • When inventory is organized it is easier to determine ordering needs, and double or under-ordering is avoided
  • An environment free of visual clutter will be more enjoyable for you and your staff to work in each day, increasing morale and motivation
  • The work environment is safer when an office is uncluttered, and objects are not blocking walkways or exits
  • Cleaning is faster and more thorough when items are put in their place

Services Available

  • Space Planning
  • Work station setup or organization
  • Filing system planning and implementation
  • Implementation of paper flow management techniques
  • Organization of inventory and/or supplies
  • Storage solutions
  • Office furniture advice/acquisition
  • Ergonomics
  • Recycling

Getting Started

The first step to having an organized office is to form a vision of how you want your ideal office to look and function. The next step is making the decision to get started. With the help of a Professional Organizer your vision will materialize sooner than you could imagine. Reduce your stress, save money, become more productive, feel great - get organized! Contact us today to arrange for your initial consultation.

Happy clients of Holistic Interiors receive ‘referral rewards’! Please let us know if family or friends have used our services on your recommendation.

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